If you have kids and you want to have Chihuahuas or vice versa, it’s good to ask: are Chihuahuas good with kids?

Chihuahuas are small and have expressive big eyes and big ears. But despite their small stature, they have big personalities. Too big in fact that they may deem as too much for your little children.

That said, could your Chihuahua and your small kids coexist in the same space?

Chihuahua’s Temperament

In order to fully understand why people keep asking this question, we have to know about Chihuahua’s temperament.

If there are two words that can describe a Chihuahua, it would be loyal and fearless.

These dogs love their owners and are very eager to please. They love shadowing their humans—going anywhere their owners will go to. Since they are small, they can easily fit in big bags and purses so you can bring them anywhere.

However, these dogs can also be very energetic. You can leave them in your yard and they’d run and play for as long as they can.

But Chihuahuas are also known to be fearless little dogs. Unless you have trained them to be social, they don’t mix well with other breeds of dogs. If they are going to socialize, it would only be with their fellow Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas are temperamental. If they don’t like a stranger, they won’t hesitate to bark at them. If they are mixed with other dogs, they’d even bark at ones that are ten times bigger than them.

These dogs are also jealous. It’s not a surprise that they’d bark and growl at anyone and anything that goes near their human.

Can Chihuahuas and Kids Coexist?

Aside from other dogs, Chihuahuas seem to dislike little kids as well. There are many instances wherein a little Chi has yipped at and growled at kids.

In addition, small kids do not really have that much idea about taking care of dogs, especially smaller breeds.

They may end up playing roughly with your pup. Your kids may find your pup too cute and may hug them a little too tightly. They may get growled at and your kids may throw them away suddenly.

Rough playing can lead to serious injuries which can be bad for your dog and your kid.

That said, can Chihuahuas and kids actually coexist in the same place?

While the odds may not be in favor of this kind of situation, it’s actually possible. In fact, there are many instances wherein families with small kids have adopted or bought Chihuahuas. There may be growling and snapping sometimes, so just be alert.

Dog Training

Train your Chihuahua to avoid any unruly behaviors toward your small children. Aside from basic commands, you should also teach them how to be social with both kids and other dogs.

The best time to introduce them to young kids is when they’re still puppies. They are more receptive at that age. Also, the longer they are exposed to kids, the more familiar they will be with them.

When training your little pup, be sure you are present at all times. Do it in a calm place where your pup can be comfortable.

Most of all, make sure that you’re training them with a well-behaved kid as well. A bad experience can create bad memories for your dog. They’d end up being more aggressive as ever.

Train your Kids

You should also train your kids and not just your dogs.

While you may have trained your pup, chihuahuas won’t completely change. They may feel more at ease around children but they can be aggressive when your child handles them roughly.

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