County of Santa Barbara Animal Services

LOMPOC, Calif. – Two mothers impounded in a massive dog rescue in Lompoc last month have given birth to two litters of puppies.

More than 100 dogs, mostly Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes, were discovered late last month when Santa Barbara County Animal Services staff responded to a call from a concerned citizen, which resulted in the site visit to a home in Lompoc.

The owner relinquished legal custody of 104 dogs.

An operation of this size required a large team to impound the dogs in a safe and humane manner and meet the immediate needs of the animals while supporting safety and health protocols for staff.

The 18-member team included a veterinarian, two registered veterinary technicians, four Animal Control officers, three supervisory staff, five support staff, and three volunteers who worked late into the night to ensure that all of the dogs received proper care and shelter.

Two litters of puppies were born within 48 hours of the original impound. The puppies and their mothers remain in care at Santa Barbara County Animal Services.

The remaining dogs (over 100) were transferred to rescue partners in Santa Barbara County and beyond. Local centers that received a number of dogs include the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society and the Santa Barbara Humane Society.

An investigation is underway into why the owner had a large number of dogs living at the home. Santa Barbara County Animal Services has concluded its report and is awaiting an official decision to be made in the case.

If you are interested in adopting available dogs, you can contact the rescue centers directly.Community / Santa Barbara – South County / Santa Maria – Lompoc – North County

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