Police officers witnessed lights going off, clothes flying across a room and a dog, which was playing in the garden, suddenly perched on top of a 7ft hedge.

The house in Rutherglen, Glasgow, which had officers spooked. (Image: Mark Anderson)

In 2016, a family in Rutherglen near Glasgow were forced out of their home.

The reason? A series of terrifying encounters with what they believed was a supernatural force.

Incredibly, even police called out to deal with the incident reportedly witnessed the poltergeist activity.

The incident took place on Stonelaw Road. (Image: Rutherglen Reformer)

Officers were called to the house after the family at the center of the incident endured two days of bizarre occurrences.

In their panic, the woman and her son in his early teens didn’t know who else to turn to. 

The police were said to have then witnessed clothes flying across a room as well as lights going off with lampshades upside down when the lights were switched back on.

Even the family’s pet chihuahua dog, which was playing in the garden, was said to have been discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

So shocked by the incident where the officers said to be, that the situation was even discussed at high levels within Police Scotland, with senior officers perplexed as to how they should handle the incidents.

At the time a police source, who didn’t want to be named, told the Record: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

“One problem we’ve got is where we go from here as no crime has been established, so what else can we do but deal with any reports of disturbances.

“But officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this.

“It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads around.

“How do you handle what, despite us liking to use the word, has been described as a poltergeist.”

The German word for a ‘noisy ghost’, poltergeists are often linked to children or teenagers and are often blamed for items being moved and unexplainable noises in the houses they inhabit.

Said to be ‘devoutly catholic’, the family eventually moved out of the property.

With no reasonable explanation for what they witnessed police, acting with the support of the family, contacted the Catholic Church who sent a priest to bless the house.

A source added: “The officers called their superiors who also attended thinking the cops were perhaps being a bit silly but it’s being taken very seriously.

“The fact it was witnessed by our officers has lent itself to a very different but active inquiry.”

Though the family was unharmed in the incident they were left incredibly disturbed by it and moved out to some of their relatives.

The perplexed police officers reportedly checked the history of the property to see if there been any reports of similar occurrences from previous residents.

Our source at the time said all options were being considered by way of explaining the goings-on: “Is it some form of hoax, or is it real or not real? These are the questions being asked by officers but without coming to any conclusion.”

Skeptics at the time stated that it could have been a hoax by local teenagers as the Conjuring 2, a film about the famous Enfield encounters where a family was terrorized by a poltergeist was released that year. 

Source: dailyrecord

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