Dr. Cameron Garrett says the pup helps put patients at ease while getting their teeth worked on

Kismet the dentist dog


Going to the dentist may not be the most enjoyable experience, but a toothless pup is helping make it a better one for patients visiting a dental office in California.

Kismet, a 13-year-old Chihuahua, has become the resident office pup at Corte Madera Family Dentistry, where she brings tons of cuddles to patients feeling some anxiety and stress while having their teeth worked on, CNN reported.

“After working so long in the industry you begin to understand quickly you’re just as much of a psychiatrist as you are a dentist,” Dr. Cameron Garrett, the office dentist at Corte Madera Family Dentistry, told CNN. “Everybody brings some anxiety or baggage into the dental environment, and the science is very clear. Interacting with an animal, having physical contact with a pet really lowers the blood pressure and heart rate and makes it a much calmer moment.”

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The dental office is run by Cameron and his wife, Debra Garrett, a dental hygienist, who adopted Kismet in July, after their old pup, Karma, died.

Prior to being adopted by the Garrett’s, the sweet pup was a stray rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Under the rescue’s care, she had been diagnosed with heart disease, had a cancerous tumor removed, a hernia treated and had all of her teeth taken out due to periodontal disease.

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Kismet the dentist dog


Despite everything she’s been through, the Garrett’s say Kismet loves helping put their patients at ease, especially children.

“When dog lovers see Kismet they immediately light up and it takes them away from the stresses of the moment,” Cameron said.

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And the patients aren’t the only ones who are happy yo have Kismet in the office, especially during these stressful times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Kismet is such a delight. She is the sweetest little thing,” Debra added. “She makes me so happy. It brings us joy to be working on a patient and see her with us. It makes it nicer for us going to work, too.”

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